Touch-It Virtual Keyboard

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard 5.15

It is a powerful set of tools to build and use on screen keyboards

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a program that will put a virtual keyboard on your screen.
You can use that keyboard by pressing the keys clicking your mouse on them. Or, if you have a touch monitor, by pressing their image on the screen. The users can type using any of the included templates, or create their own ones by using the Designer feature.

The on-screen keyboard will show some keys that you will not find in every real keyboard.

On the left you will find keys that give you access to special features of the program. You can use them to access the menu, or to choose the language you will use, minimize the keyboard or shutdown the program. The "Dic" key will disable the function keys, and will be replaced by a Fx key. You will also have a button that will lock the keyboard on the screen, and a Calc button that will let you use the keyboard as a calculator, showing the entries and results in a tiny screen upside the numbers keyboard. The keyboard will also show keys to manage the calculator memory, instead or the Insert, Home,. PgDn, Del, End and PgUp buttons.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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